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Posted by AttackingHobo - February 10th, 2012


I have just finished uploading my game to the portal here. Take a look.

It was 3 long month of hard work that brought this game into existance. I hope you enjoy it.


Rad Bear Rude Rocket

Posted by AttackingHobo - May 13th, 2009

Hey NEWGROUNDS! Weaksauce and I have made a new game parodying the swine flu. Check it out, I hope you enjoy.


SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!

Posted by AttackingHobo - May 3rd, 2009

I finally took the jump to AS3. It was hard at first. But now I love it. It is just so much faster doing any troubleshooting of the program.

Well anyways the game should be coming out sometime next week. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Posted by AttackingHobo - July 20th, 2007

Tom Fulp,

Did you even play any of the games? The contest said that the games were to be rated by "Score, # of Views, Originality, Playability, Graphics, and Addictive Game Play. "

Most of the games were complete rip offs of other games.

1. Ongaku
This one is original, a decent game. Deserves its prize.

2. Incubus Pulsum
This one is original, fun, and has good graphics. Definitely deserves its prize

3. Headfirst To Hell
This one is a complete rip off of Elite Beat Agents, wow so original. And you cannot even rock out to the music, as it is comprised of calm acoustic guitar.

4. 1812 Overature
This one is pretty much DDR with one button. It has one song, its not even an original song.

5. Monsters of Rock
Wow amazing original game play, too bad it was stolen from Guitar Hero

6. Transmigration
TOM FULP!!!! This barely passes as a game, it is more of an interactive movie. I cannot see the rock out part of this game. If you see it please tell me.

7. Insurgio
Ok this game is slightly original, but I don't really see how it is a music game, sure the tree sings for a while and then a cloud, but seriously, how is this at all a musical game similar to DRR EBA or Guitar Hero? Also, the game is incredibly too hard, how can a frustratingly hard game be addictive?

8. -Play the Game-
This is good and deserves the prize. EXCEPT IT WAS LATE BY 5 HOURS.

9. BoM Beat Battle
Inovative and original.

Thanks TOM FULP, for actually looking at the games and rating them the way described in the instructions for submitting.

If I would have known that this is the way you would choose submissions, I would not have submitted my game to this worthless contest.

-AttackingHobo AKA Sean Lavery